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Bring Home Good Luck, Buy A Gullack.

Bring Me A Gullack, I Want To Re-live My Childhood

बैंक में पड़े लाखो पैसे वो ख़ुशी देने में असमर्थ है, जो बचपन में गुल्लक के चार पैसे दे देते थे |

Replenishing Childhood

There might hardly be anyone who has never used a Gullack in his or her childhood. We all enjoyed filling it and then breaking it.

A Good Old Habit

Dropping change coins in Gullack is not new, but an old, good habit, which we gradually shred off as we grew. It’s time to bring it back.

Financial Planning

Whenever we plan something with Gullack, we never lacked finances. Saving with Gullack is a proved concept for financial planning.

Behind The Scenes

I saw a strange but familiar practice when I visited my Mom’s village this September. A group of youngsters were collecting Gullacks filled with money, from every household in village. Having “Jai Mata Di” written on every Gullack, everyone was happily handing over their Gullacks to those youngsters, for the purpose of Navratri Celebrations. When enquired, I got to know that these youngsters distribute these Gullacks to every family in the village, at the end of Dussehra, and collects next year as preparations kick-off for Navratri. The concept is, “It is difficult for everyone to give a certain amount in one go, for Puja purpose. But it is quite easy to collect in Gullack for a year and then handover it at the time of Navratri. This way, they give much more than what they can in one go.

This idea clicked my mind and once discussed with others, we became sure that the same can be implemented for any financial goal or every big and small purpose of life. After all, we have all used Gullack in our childhood and are quiet familiar with it.

You can have a Gullack for your kid’s next birthday, your anniversary, gifting your love, buying your next gadget, or planning your next vacation. You can have a Gullack for almost everything. And breaking it gives immense joy and happiness.

Old Memories 0
Emotional Attachment 0
Savings 0
Security 0
Planning 0
Happiness 0
Raw Material
Clay and Water

Pottery clay and water makes raw material required for making a Gullack.

Pottery Wheel

Pottery wheel is the instrument required to create raw Gullacks of clay.

Skilful Hands

A potter's skilful hands are the creator of Gullack using clay and water on wheels.

Fired Gullacks

Final Gullacks are created by firing up of raw Gullacks created by a potter.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Saving Today !

Buy a Gullack, start saving daily, and bring home good luck.