गुल्लक एक, खुशियाँ अनेक


Save for Cause : Bring Home Good Luck


India has always motivated merchants round the world to turn their business chariots towards it because of the high business sense and economic management of people of India. It is said that business is in the blood of Indians and hence children of our country inherit it.

Favourite Parenting Tip

Passed on from generations to next, one of the most important and inseparable part of any child’s childhood here is Gullack. Its a type of piggy bank which is made up of earthen soil and the only difference between Gullack and piggy bank is that, piggy bank can be opened up  and closed anytime as it has a caped hole and money can be taken out easily. But Gullack is completely sealed and if you want to take money out of it, you have to break it, no other option.

Gullack helps inculcate the discipline of saving money at an early age. The habit of saving is itself an education, which teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to plan and so broadens the mind.

Lesson on Value of Money

Now this unique virtue of Gullack has made it favorite of parents as they feel that the pocket money which they are giving is safe and knowingly or unknowingly their child is learning to save. Children who use Gullack have to wait for the time when the Gullack will be filled completely. The mere thought that the coins make up a larger sum of money is where the child appreciates that each penny matters.

Lesson of Return on Investments

Children know that they have invested a particular amount to buy a Gullack, so they wait for time till the Gullack gets filled and then only they break it down.

Saving money in Gullack is often compared with saving in fixed deposits where we can withdraw money only after its maturity period.

No Gullack and piggy bank are not same: Their is a big difference in the values each inculcates. Children sometimes may not have patience and so they might open the mouth of piggy bank, take the money out and shut it up again. But they need to think several times before breaking up a current asset i.e. Gullack.

Lesson on Planning and Prioritizing

Gullacks teach important lesson of setting goals and planning for them.  Children as well as adults can keep multiple Gullacks at a time and can save for a purpose, prioritizing them. Filling that Gullack first the cause for which is more dear.

Adults: You Need to Use it Too

A fool can earn money, but it takes a wise man to save and dispose of it to his own advantage. Adopt Gullacks to create an entirely new relationship with money. The mantra is to keep three Gullacks.

First Gullack: Save money into it, each month to buy a future car, bike, vacations, gadgets, jewelry etc. Spend the money the same year so that you can enjoy your savings. You have worked hard for this money and its time that you enjoy it, otherwise you are bound to feel deprived.

Second Gullack: Its meant for bigger dreams, something to be achieved in next 10-20 years like construction purpose, educational needs of your child etc. This Gullack represents your longer life goals and keeps alive your dreams.

Third Gullack:  Don’t touch this Gullack until you retire. Its your safety net.

The next question which arises is after channelizing your money into investments and other saving options where do you get money for Gullacks. The key is to start small and then increase the amount saved. Its similar to a dieting program which will not leave you starving for essential nutrients but will cut down whatever is going extra. The beauty behind this strategy is that you begin by lowering your expenses slowly, so you can stop spending money on stuff that is not bringing much fulfillment into your life.

Gullack can be Broken but not the Uses

Gullack, if broken properly, can be used in various ways like:

Fill with soil and grow small plants in it.

Water bowl for birds.

Serve food to dogs or cats etc.

But what if it is broken in such a way that it can’t be used for all such things. Just break into pieces and put it in soil to grow plants as these Gullacks are made up of top fertile soil.



So now we know how Cullack can help us managing our pocket money or salary and how it helps us for different occasions or situation. Also we know how we can use it after its life span. So what are you waiting for, bring your key to happiness today.


Credits : Written by Mr. Yuvraj Human